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Summer Arrives!

Welcome to the season of seemingly endless days in the PNW! It’s time to celebrate the sun, summer, and the weekly (daily, even) arrival of new ingredients.

Our June Workouts and Recipes reflect the fresh, light, cool, and sweet flavors of summertime in our region. Berries are here (!) alongside cherries, apricots and apriums, peas, cucumbers, carrots, and summer squash. Throw in fava beans, leafy greens, mint, and local grains like farro and you’ve got a well balanced diet for this bright, vibrant season (link to rebekah’s blog). Remember to try for small portions to help your body digest well in the heat.

We’re especially excited about our Pickled Cherries and Strawberry Jam Workouts, our new AM Recipe of Fava Bean, Cucumber, and Goat Cheese Toast, and our PM Farro Salad, Summer Squash Salad, and Peas and Bacon!

Speaking of Fava Beans, did you know you can eat these beauties raw, right from the pod? Our resident home chef Rebekah waits with baited breath every year for the first week of fava beans. During her time in Italy a decade ago, she fell in love with an old Tuscan tradition. Italians make a simple meal or picnic of a bunch of fava bean pods tossed on the table (or blanket) alongside a fresh sheep cheese and bottle of Chianti (regional red wine). They open the pods by hand and pair a fresh, raw bean with a bit of cheese and a sip of wine. The wine and cheese are the perfect foil to the slightly bitter fava. Of course, you can go a few steps further and double shell the beans (remove the bean from the pod and the outer coating of each bean), and then blanche for a nice, sweet flavor like we do in our Fava Bean Salad.

A side note about our dressings. We’re happy to feature a Honey Mustard Dressing in our Workouts this month, which you can add to any salad. You’ll notice in a few recipes have lemons as an optional ingredient. Believe it or not, citrus does grow in our region. Local producer Alm Hill Gardens brings them to market when there is enough production. We have a small tree ourselves - it lives indoors from late fall to spring and then flourishes outside!

Happy Solstice and Buon Appetito!