Eat Locivore for Earth Day


Happy Earth Day from the Locivore Team!

We are hard at work on new and updated recipes for early spring and can’t wait to share them in the next few days. This is the time of year when we start to anticipate new produce at local markets every week. Right now we’re excited about the first asparagus, along with radishes, arugula, baby greens, lettuce (salads are back!), spinach, and chard. PNW chickens are happy and eggs are abundant. You’ll notice that some of our workouts and recipes have some minor changes with a just few updated ingredients and we’ve also added entirely new recipes to reflect the season. We’re particularly excited about our Early Spring Vegetables, Spring Vegetable Salad, Spinach Smoothie, and Chard and Potato Sauté.

We believe that establishing a diet based on local food is a great way to care for the Earth everyday. Why? A healthy diet starts with healthy soil. Organic farmers protect soil, water, and air quality with practices like crop rotation, cover crops, and composting. They sequester carbon and reduce harmful waste runoff, and help ensure that farmland will continue to be fertile and productive into the future. Locally grown food that’s sold to consumers within the same region as it’s produced means less transportation miles. When local ingredients are prepared at home, we avoid single use take-out containers and have more control over what’s thrown away. Our workouts and recipes encourage less food waste by demonstrating how to build meals from simple workouts and leftovers and how to incorporate root to stem cooking (popular with chefs) into your own kitchen.

Let’s work together to celebrate the bounty of our region and support the local producers who are committed to nurturing Mother Earth!