We’re getting deeper into fall and saying goodbye each week to some of our favorite ingredients. Tomatoes, and peppers are on their last legs, so be sure to snag a bag or several and preserve them for a later date with our Pickled Peppers, Roasted Peppers, and Tomato Sauce recipes. While you’re at it, enjoy one last meal of Classic Bruschetta or Sautéed Shishito Peppers and Celery!

If you’re ready for heartier meals that warm and nourish your body in this cooler weather, take note that we’ve brought back our Beef Stew, Potato Leek Soup, and Spaghetti Squash. We’ve also added new flavors, like sweet Roasted Delicata Squash (enjoy alone or in our Autumn Delicata Squash Salad) and Braised Celery. There’s also plenty of pumpkin to go around, so be sure to check out our Pumpkin Butter and Spinach Pumpkin Butter Smoothie.

Happy October!

Rebekah Papé
Full of Fall

Autumn just arrived yesterday, but it feels like summer disappeared weeks ago here in the PNW. Ingredients that normally linger into October are already on their way out. We have to admit, it’s been a challenge to create recipes this month. We’d settle on something tasty and then realize the flavors we want to highlight are already past their peak. Raspberries and Strawberries are gone, the rest of the berries and stone fruit will soon follow. If you want to make Mixed Berry or Peach Jam for winter, now’s the time!

How have you adjusted during the abrupt transition to autumn? Are you grieving the end of warmer days? Be sure to stop by the Alvarez farm stand at your neighborhood market. Their melons are still juicy and delicious - perfect for our Melon Salad. While you’re at it, be sure to snag some corn from Early Bird Farms - its better than ever and won’t be available much longer. Ready to cozy up to fall? Check out our Roasted Winter Squash - perfect as a stand alone dish or to use in our Winter Squash Soup or Roasted Squash and Amaranth Salad. We’re also highlighting peppers in our Cowboy Candy and Sauteed Shishito Peppers and Celery. Pro tip - local celery is the best kept secret around. We just tried some in our Leftover Soup and couldn’t get enough of its sweet and fennel-like flavor.

At Locivore, we’re already into our brainstorming and testing for October. Look for a new batch of recipes in just a couple of weeks! In the meantime, enjoy the variety and abundance available RIGHT NOW from our local farms!


We’ve arrived in the season of abundance - if you take a trip to a farmers market or local farm, chances are you’ll be overwhelmed with variety, color, and quantity. Sunshine is turning everything into flavor - tomatoes, summer squash, peaches, nectarines, plums, corn, root veggies, leafy greens, herbs, blackberries, cucumbers, and so much more! Nearly everything we wait all year for is at its peak, and the best way to eat it all is fresh. This time of year we subscribe to simple recipes and minimal cooking to highlight summer flavors.

Tomatoes are what we’re most excited about this month. For our August recipe refresh, you’ll find Roasted Cold Tomato Soup, Classic Bruschetta, Tomato Sauce, and plenty of salads you can add fresh tomatoes to. Pro tip: when you visit a farmers market, ask for tomato seconds. These slightly misshapen or over-ripe tomatoes are perfect for the recipes above and are sold at a discount. While you’re there, look for Seawolf Bakery’s market stand and pick up a loaf for bruschetta or to serve alongside soup.

Our other feature ingredient this month is peaches! We’ve got a Peach Smoothie, Roasted Stone Fruit, Peach Jam, and Peach Salsa. Speaking of salsa, many of our recipes are great for making tacos or lettuce wraps. We love the house-made whole wheat tortillas from local worker-owned coop Patty Pan. Try our Cucumber, Tomato, and Squash Salad, Sautéed Summer Vegetables, or our Anything Scramble for a breakfast taco option!

Whatever ingredients you select this month, the theme is Keep It Simple! Let summer speak for itself so you spend less time in the kitchen and more time playing in the sun.

Add Your Own Heat to Summer

After several hotter-than-we-can-handle summer’s in the PNW, we’re experiencing record setting wet and cool weather this June and July. The good news is that summer’s slow start is extending the season for fava beans, asparagus, rhubarb, cherries, and more. If you’ve had your fill of fruit like rhubarb and cherries, try pickling to preserve for wintertime. Ready for some heat? Try out our Sweet and Spicy Zucchini Relish with Jalapeno Peppers. Speaking of spicy, did you know that the heat in peppers lives in the membrane, not the seeds?

If the weather is keeping you in the kitchen rather than out on the grill, you’ll still find favorites like Whole Roasted Chicken, Anything Stock, and Leftover Soup. We’re also excited to feature Amaranth Grain in our Workout! and After Breakfast Recipes. Amaranth is gluten-free, full of Vitamin C, and grown locally by Kirsop Farm. Try it in our Cauliflower and Amaranth Salad or with any of your favorite veggies! Sugar Snap Peas, Cucumbers, Green Beans, and Eggs also play a starring role this month. One of our favorite stops at the farmer’s market this time of year is Early Bird Farm. We can’t get enough of their beautiful orange yolks, sweet cuces, and astonishingly plump snap peas.

Ready to head outdoors and cook over an open fire? Check out our newest addition to - Camp! Impress your friends and lighten your footprint on your next summer adventure with our five camp-friendly recipes. Locivore believes that supporting local producers, preserving farmland, and eating the freshest ingredients available go hand with celebrating natural and wild spaces.

Whether you cook at home or over a campfire this month, we hope you’ll take time to savor all of the bounty our region offers!

Summer Arrives!

Welcome to the season of seemingly endless days in the PNW! It’s time to celebrate the sun, summer, and the weekly (daily, even) arrival of new ingredients.

Our June Workouts and Recipes reflect the fresh, light, cool, and sweet flavors of summertime in our region. Berries are here (!) alongside cherries, apricots and apriums, peas, cucumbers, carrots, and summer squash. Throw in fava beans, leafy greens, mint, and local grains like farro and you’ve got a well balanced diet for this bright, vibrant season (link to rebekah’s blog). Remember to try for small portions to help your body digest well in the heat.

We’re especially excited about our Pickled Cherries and Strawberry Jam Workouts, our new AM Recipe of Fava Bean, Cucumber, and Goat Cheese Toast, and our PM Farro Salad, Summer Squash Salad, and Peas and Bacon!

Speaking of Fava Beans, did you know you can eat these beauties raw, right from the pod? Our resident home chef Rebekah waits with baited breath every year for the first week of fava beans. During her time in Italy a decade ago, she fell in love with an old Tuscan tradition. Italians make a simple meal or picnic of a bunch of fava bean pods tossed on the table (or blanket) alongside a fresh sheep cheese and bottle of Chianti (regional red wine). They open the pods by hand and pair a fresh, raw bean with a bit of cheese and a sip of wine. The wine and cheese are the perfect foil to the slightly bitter fava. Of course, you can go a few steps further and double shell the beans (remove the bean from the pod and the outer coating of each bean), and then blanche for a nice, sweet flavor like we do in our Fava Bean Salad.

A side note about our dressings. We’re happy to feature a Honey Mustard Dressing in our Workouts this month, which you can add to any salad. You’ll notice in a few recipes have lemons as an optional ingredient. Believe it or not, citrus does grow in our region. Local producer Alm Hill Gardens brings them to market when there is enough production. We have a small tree ourselves - it lives indoors from late fall to spring and then flourishes outside!

Happy Solstice and Buon Appetito!

Get your Greens!

No wonder May is #nationalsaladmonth - leafy greens have exploded onto the farmers market scene in the past few weeks! We can’t get enough of tender baby mix, red leaf, green leaf, butterhead, and crisp romaine.

Even The New York Times Magazine got into the act by featuring The Best Green Salad in the World this past Sunday. They highlighted something we’ve known for years - it’s all about a simple, flavorful, and fresh dressing. If you really want to geek out on the intricacies of washing lettuce and drizzling vs dressing, then definitely check out the story and recipe above. We also recommend our four new salads for May (Pro Tip: if you just want a simple and straightforward salad with no fuss, head on over to our Spring Salad recipe, follow the instructions for just the dressing, and toss it on some freshly rinsed - no special technique needed - local lettuce).

Speaking of simple, here’s a tip from our resident home chef, Rebekah.

I take a big bowl, coat the bottom with oil, add my vinegar (or other acid), any herbs I want to use, and whisk everything together before tossing in the lettuce and mixing to coat the greens. It’s a simple, yet very effective method for dressing salad and never fails to earn rave reviews from my guests.

Aside from greens, we are loving local eggs right now…unbelievable! We’re especially obsessed with Early Bird Farm spring eggs. The intense orange yolks and knock-your-socks-off flavor have us eating eggs for almost every meal. Try our Roasted Asparagus and Eggs, Boiled Eggs, and Anything Scramble anytime of day!

What else excites us Right Now? We won’t lie - we’re anxiously awaiting the first berries of the season. But in the meantime, there’s a bounty of spring vegetables to enjoy and really sink our teeth into before we gorge on red, ripe fruit for months to come. This month we’re highlighting the tastes your body needs to maintain optimal health as we transition from early to late spring and embrace bright, long days and warmer weather. Besides Lettuce, our May recipes feature Asparagus, Arugula, Spinach, Carrots (of the delightfully slender spring variety), Radishes, Turnips, Rhubarb and more!

Our Workout! section features two skills that come in handy as we move into the bountiful months of the year. Preservation is key for reducing waste as gardens and farms start to move into high production. Pickling and jams are fun and easy ways to stock your freezer and pantry with your favorite spring flavors. Check our our Pickled Onions, Picked Carrots, and Rhubarb Jam recipes featured for May!

Eat Locivore for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day from the Locivore Team!

We are hard at work on new and updated recipes for early spring and can’t wait to share them in the next few days. This is the time of year when we start to anticipate new produce at local markets every week. Right now we’re excited about the first asparagus, along with radishes, arugula, baby greens, lettuce (salads are back!), spinach, and chard. PNW chickens are happy and eggs are abundant. You’ll notice that some of our workouts and recipes have some minor changes with a just few updated ingredients and we’ve also added entirely new recipes to reflect the season. We’re particularly excited about our Early Spring Vegetables, Spring Vegetable Salad, Spinach Smoothie, and Chard and Potato Sauté.

We believe that establishing a diet based on local food is a great way to care for the Earth everyday. Why? A healthy diet starts with healthy soil. Organic farmers protect soil, water, and air quality with practices like crop rotation, cover crops, and composting. They sequester carbon and reduce harmful waste runoff, and help ensure that farmland will continue to be fertile and productive into the future. Locally grown food that’s sold to consumers within the same region as it’s produced means less transportation miles. When local ingredients are prepared at home, we avoid single use take-out containers and have more control over what’s thrown away. Our workouts and recipes encourage less food waste by demonstrating how to build meals from simple workouts and leftovers and how to incorporate root to stem cooking (popular with chefs) into your own kitchen.

Let’s work together to celebrate the bounty of our region and support the local producers who are committed to nurturing Mother Earth!

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Locivore is a diet centered around making healthy choices at each meal based on seasonal and personal rhythms.

We started with an idea to share recipes and skills featuring local ingredients so that anyone can build the diet that suits them best.

But Locivore is more than just a diet…

Locivore is a lifestyle focused around engagement with our local pacific northwest community of farmers, small businesses, and producers.

Locivore is committed to empowering individuals with knowledge and skills to revitalize their own health and the health of their families and communities.

Today we work in King County, and invite our community to join us on our adventure in developing local cuisine. While our recipes and resources are focused on this locality, anyone is welcome to explore and use Locivore. And tomorrow, who knows? This web site is just phase one.

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Our monthly recipes are divided into two categories..


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Here you’ll find INGREDIENTS for our recipes and workouts organized into 6 categories.


Local ingredients are the best ingredients. Better for our bodies, for community, and for our environment. We believe in building relationships within the local economy to sustain a local diet. Developing community takes time and energy. Think of it as cultural and nutritional investments in your health and your future. We’re right here with you (see Locivore values: sistering) to help establish and maintain a framework to support your daily life.

Food is community and self-reliance is a cultural myth, one that is harmful to our health. Food is powerful medicine...when we cook and eat together, we build community resilience. When we eat local food, we build the body’s resilience. Our chefs have created simple and delicious recipes made with only local ingredients and designed for the blossoming home cook.

Just where do you buy local ingredients?  Our 6 INGREDIENTS categories link to pages that feature our network of regional relationships - the farmers, growers, and producers that we respect and put our name behind.  We give our recommendations for where to source the ingredients we use and love. Shopping at local co-ops and farmers markets are a great way to connect with local vendors and produces, support your local economy, and even stretch your dollar (check out Central Co-op’s Healthy Community Program and Fresh Bucks at your neighborhood market).

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Locivore was founded by three friends passionate about local food. We also really like cooking, eating, working, and dreaming together. Between us we’ve got a wide range of talents and titles like chef, farmer, writer, container gardener, local food system advocate, Ayurvedic wellness practitioner, home cook, devil’s advocate, jokester, homebody, world traveler, teacher, student, mother, wife, husband…human.


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